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The country of Georgia is a sssovereign nation which is situated in Eurasia. It shares its borders with Russia, Turkey and Armenia. It shares its coastline with the Black Sea.

Its capital is Tbilisi which is also its largest city. The residents of Georgia are called the Georgians. The legislature of Georgia is called the Parliament. The government of the country is called the Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic and has Mikheil Saakashvili as its President.

It covers an area of 69,700 kilometers square and reached the 120th place in terms of land area. It has a population of 4,469,200 and has attained 121st position as the world's most populous country. The national currency of Georgia is called Lari.

Georgian is the official language of Georgia. Christianity is the most practiced religion in Georgia, followed by Islam and Jewism.

The Georgia outline vector PowerPoint maps which are offered by us are fully Georgia outline vector editable PowerPoint maps. In these Georgia outline vector PPT maps, you can add graphics, audios, videos etc. to make the presentation more attractive. Also, you can add animation to the Georgia outline vector PowerPoint map background in order to provide a life-like look to the presentation. These geographical layouts help its user to locate a specific region of Georgia.

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