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Brazil is the largest country of South America and fifth largest country of the world. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Bolivia and Peru on the west and Uruguay on the south. Brazil shares the border with all South American countries, however, Ecuador and Chile are an exception.

The economy of Brazil is considered at the sixth position in terms of GDP and seventh in terms of purchasing power parity. Factually, Brazil is one of the fastest growing major economies. Moreover, Brazil has gained international recognition and is a founding member of the United Nations.

The climate of Brazil is varied across a large area, but, most parts of the country are tropical. Basically, it has five major types of climate: equatorial, tropical, semiarid, highland tropical and temperate.

This country is richly spiritual and follows Brazilian Roman Catholicism and the official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

Whenever one thinks of visiting Brazil, the first thought he/she will have to travel through the famous beaches, amusement parks and several other famous places. To fulfill this will of the tourists, the Brazil outline vector PowerPoint maps come for help. These Brazil outline vector ppt maps are 100% editable and can also be named as Brazil outline vector editable PowerPoint maps Brazil. You can also add graphics, audios, videos and animations to the Brazil outline vector PowerPoint map background of these geographical layouts of Brazil.

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