Q. How can I download the maps?.

A. You can download the maps just after you make the payment. We provide three methods of getting the map:

1- Login with your account details and go to “My World” Page. You will find the map purchased in your orders and it can be downloaded easily.

2- Use support option - Here you need to enter your transaction Id and you will be able to download the map purchased by you.

3- Email us at support@powerpointmapsonline.com, we will email you the map purchased by you.

Q. How to get the maps customized?.

A.You can email us your requirements at support@powerpointmapsoline.com for customization of any map whether PowerPoint, flash or XML maps
    or you can chat with us online 24 x 7 for any help or assistance.

Q. How to get new slide with same background in PowerPoint maps?.

A.Press Enter button on the slide thumbnail

Q. How to change the background of the slide in PowerPoint?.

A.Right click on the slide and go to Format background, select the Fill tab and then select the option Picture or texture fill,
   click on Fill Button and choose your picture.

Q. How to duplicate the slide in PowerPoint?.

A.Select the slide thumbnail and press CTRL D.