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Explore Some Hidden Challenges In Presentation

Blog Pic Although you are painfully shy when it comes to public speaking. Or is it that the thought of speaking in the audience gives Goosebumps on your arm. If it is so, then you might have to put some extra efforts because there are many more hidden Challenges that can hinder your presentation. And if you are not resilient enough to handle the terrain you will not be able to accomplish your bRead more...


Add The Wow Factor In Your Presentation

Blog Pic When we talk with our friend and family members we are comfortable and are able to speak up for our thoughts as well as ideas. But when we are in front of a large group of people or are about the speak on the stage, then the story is completely different. Well, a compelling bunch of slides can help you overcome your nervousness and discover your potential on stage. Although the underlying objRead more...


Does Good Presentation Boost Up Your Ideas?

Blog Pic     Do you have an idea to share? Then to make it noticeable it is very important to present it in a proper way. Most people after giving presentations turn out with no results, it's not because their ideas are not lucid but because they are not presented in noteworthy manner.

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Presentation Survival Guide

Blog Pic There are a lot number of good books that promise the presenters to provide a brilliant, standing-ovation public speaking skill. But turning the pages of these crowded books needs time. Certainly, many regular folks like us are unable to pull our self to spend just a little time and effort to get over the presentation terror.

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Looking For A Marvelous Touch In Your Presentation

Blog Pic Over a million new users every month makes an approach to PowerPoint presentations to express their views, ideas and thoughts to the audience. No doubt, PowerPoint Presentation offers the best and most incomparable features and a grip to make excellent presentations instantly. But to make a fantastic approach to the visualization of information you need to change your Presentation toolRead more...


Make Some Smart Attempts To Improve Your Presentation Skills

Blog Pic There is a common question that pricks every individual at the time presentation. Why the presenter is not able to communicate?

Is the Power of Presentation, a Power of Napping!

People need to take an initiative to better communicate their ideas in public. Your efforts can help you catch the remote mind of the audience that are flying in eliciting dreams and keep tRead more...


Rules for Stronger PowerPoint Presentations

Blog Pic The PowerPoint presentation is the best software tool that is widely used in business for enabling the marketing and sales facility. Although many presentation software's have come up in the market, but still for effective internal and external marketing processes, PowerPoint is simply the industry standard. The only thing you need to do is stick to some rules that can help you make PoRead more...


Follow Simple Steps To Combat Your Anxiety

Blog Pic Fear of public speaking is common to all whether or not you are suffering from this type of phobia. It is usually accompanied by compulsive behavior like shaking, blushing, a pounding heart, quivering voice, and shortness of breath.  But, actually people reflect more of anxiety than fear when it comes to giving a speech or presentation. But for both internal as well as external marketingRead more...


Take A Grip On The Haiku Deck For A Creative Flow

Blog Pic Presentation should always be more about a unique approach, as the same generic format often makes the presentation dull and boring. Every person has amazing stories and ideas to share, but the way of expression can only make the ideas inspiring and captivating. The perfect introduction of Haiku can help you explore the inspiring ideas  and capture the attention. It is an easy-to-Read more...


It's All About Mesmerizing Your Audience

Blog Pic Have you ever been in a Seminar or conference where the entire room is mesmerized in the words of the speaker? The perfectly charming and hilariously funny notes that brilliantly indulge you in the topic make you feel warm, wise and wonderful.
Many presenters focus in making their presentation more engaging, captivating and mesmerizing but only practicing doesn’t make it wRead more...


Handling Large PowerPoint Decks Is Just Like A Piece Of Cake. Know how…

Blog Pic You may feel scared of your monster PowerPoint Deck contains 30 PowerPoint slides. Now you have tools for handling the large presentation. You can get two ways for managing and modifying the presentation on the move. Now you need not to take tension anymore about your large and extra-large presentations with these tools. Like while using large number of files you have to scroll and navRead more...


Seismic Presentation Tool Review

Blog Pic Seismic develops next generation tools that are cloud-based, accessible on mobile devices and provide consumer quality user experience. Recently, Seismic introduced a new presentation generating tool for the users. You can make the presentation with different data types on the move. With the help of this you can create the presentation in a back-end admin panel.

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Bunkr Presentation App – PowerPoint Killer

Blog Pic Bunkr is a French startup collaborative HTML 5 presentation tool. This is pretty much faster and easier tool for making presentation.  Now it has been revealed a new major version of web application that is too fully responsive of HTML 5 for stunning introductory sessions. The app is able to work effectively on your phone, tablet and computer.

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HTML5 Presentation – A PowerPoint Presentation Makeover

Blog Pic There are three major platforms for making presentations including Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe flash and HTML5. HTML5 capabilities are ample and while using it you will see so many reasons to use HTML5 in your presentations. Suppose if you are going to make an animated presentations then it will be easier to view it on HTML5 as you don’t need to download or install any exRead more...


Is The Storage Of Wind Energy On Grid, Batteries A Good Idea?

Blog Pic Wind resources are characterized by power and speed. It is a Renewable Non-Polluting Resource that accounts for two percent of the world’s electricity. The efficiency of the wind turbines of the Unites States is great as more and more equipment is set up across the nation to benefit the population immensely. This has in return also freed the country from its dependence on the foreign oRead more...


Most Dangerous Countries In The World

Blog Pic If you are reading this content on your system then the world is probably a safe place for you. There are certain countries in the world where safety and security difficult indeed. These places are the most dangerous places in the world where danger lurking and waiting to attack you in a moment. 

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What’s happening in Syria?

Blog Pic The Relation between Syria and United States are the bilateral relations that often been tense. Issues between the two include the Arab and Israeli conflict, Gloan Heights annexation, the Iraq War and the Syrian civil War. In Global Leadership Report, a poll has been conducted during the Syrian civil war where 29% of Syrians approve of U.S leadership with 40% disapprove and 31% are uncertain.Read more...


Know more about America PowerPoint maps

Blog Pic This is the story of America. Everybody's doing what they think they're supposed to do.”
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road: The Original Scroll
The America is situated in Western Hemisphere that is also known as the New World. The America consists two continents North America and South America along with associated islands. The America covers 8.3% of the Earth’s total surface area. So, AmericRead more...


Know more about the PowerPoint Maps of Australia

Blog Pic Australia, the world’s sixth-largest country by total area on the Earth, covers 7,692,024 km2 of total land. Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country which comprises of the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands. The national capital city of Australia is Canberra. Canberra is also called city of modern and young cultuRead more...


Enlarging or Reducing the size of a Map in PowerPoint

Blog Pic This post shows you, how to enlarge or reduce the size of one of our downloadable and editable PowerPoint maps, as per your specific needs. This will surely add value to your PowerPoint presentation. It all depends on a specific requirement or a scenario. To enlarge or reduce the size of one of our downloadable and editable PowerPoint maps, you need to follow the following steps:
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How to Color your Map in PowerPoint

Blog Pic How to Color your Map in PowerPoint

This post shows you how to color and customize one of our downloadable, editable PowerPoint maps to be used for your sales, marketing, or, education projects. To customize the color of your map according to your specific need, you need to follow the following steps:

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Collection of Editable PowerPoint Maps for Presentations

Blog Pic Collection of Editable PowerPoint Maps for Presentations  The is a huge collection of downloadable as well as editable PowerPoint maps that work equally well with all version of Microsoft PowerPoint. You will find our maps perfect for preparing sales and marketing presentations and showing sales territories, defining regions and trackingRead more...